How Supermodels Wear It … For the Holidays


I know in fashion all the hype gets placed on what you are wearing, but the real fashionistas know that it is really all about HOW you wear something.

As a model I’ve been taught there are hundreds of ways to wear a T-shirt.  Did you know that there are ways to tuck your shirt or roll your sleeves that will make you look slimmer?  Ladies, I’ve got some serious tricks up my sleeves.

I’ve always been the one my girlfriends turn to for advice on everything from fashion and makeup to fitness and everything in between.  That’s why I decided to write a book with all my beauty, fashion, and wellness secrets called The Everyday Supermodel coming out January 6th!

Finding the perfect outfit for the holiday party can cause lots of stress. How many times have we stared blankly into our closets with that sinking thought of  “I don’t know what to wear?”  Here are a couple of my tips that prove that it really is how you wear it.

The base of our holiday party ensembles are the tried and true LBD (little black dress). The LBD is a must for your core wardrobe.  You can dress that bad boy up or down and halfway in between and it still looks good. In the pictures above you can see how I came up with two totally different looks for our LBD.  In my upcoming book I give my eight signature model moves, which are the fashion rules I live by.  I’m going to share two of my rules now that will help you conquer the holiday party scene.

Mixing High & Low:

Pairing designer pieces with affordable fashion is where the everyday supermodel style is right now.  What is amazing is that you can create complete looks that appear 100% high end when in actuality only once piece is expensive.  In the picture above I’m rocking my designer motorcycle jacket with a simple jersey knit dress.  I added a little glitz with a few silver and sparkly bangles and a necklace creating extra interest by the addition of layers and textures.


Models mix fabrics and textures.  If you have a wool suit you wear to work, try a silky blouse underneath with a little sheen or a lurex tank with subtle sparkle.  I’m loving the contrast of the sequin jacket with our matte fabric LBD in the image above. Too many sequins in one outfit should be reserved for fine dining, the Oscars or an ugly sweater party! Also, contrasting styles is unexpected and supermodel-y.  Think of mixing masculine and feminine pieces (like the moto jacket and knit dress!!).

Want to know the rest of my signature model moves?  Then you should definitely check out my book coming out January 6th.  You can pre-order my book right here.