Holiday Nail Trends At Cotê

If you haven’t noticed (which I’m sure you have), I get extremely into the holidays. This is especially the case when December rolls around and the Christmas season is in full swing. Everything becomes more festive—my home, my wardrobe, and very importantly…my nails. I love a good manicure any time of the year but since the holidays mean more parties I prefer to step it up a notch.


Since every season has a new trend in nail art and polish, I decided to stop in my neighborhood nail salon, Cotê, in Los Angeles. By “neighborhood” salon I don’t mean any run of the mill type of place. Cotê’s beachy yet elegant vibe reflects the salon’s California roots perfectly. PLUS all of their polishes are 5-free which means they don’t include all the nasty toxins that can harm us. These hand-poured polishes are especially great for pregnant women. Luckily, they have a retail shop online so you don’t have to go to the salon to reap the benefits of this AH-mazing product.


Okay, now for the trends. This season, I want my nails to be two things: bright and glittery. Mainly because it’s the perfect time to have fun with it considering it would be deemed “too much” during the other months of the year. I mean, take it when you can get it, right? Here are some trends that I love, love, love this season:


Glitter Ombre:

I love how fun this metallic glitter is. Even if you just add a bit on your pointer finger, it’s that touch needed for a holiday party. Pair these nails with a lacey red dress and you’re good to go.

Cotê colors used from top to bottom: #96, #109, #13, #110, & #97


Themed Holiday Prints:

Um, how cute? Polka dots and a “snowfall” glitter effect are basically presents for your nails. I like to keep it simple on the majority of the nails and do nail art for just a couple so it’s not too overwhelming.

Cotê colors used from top to bottom: #25, #107, #33, #33, & #35


Color Spectrum:

I’ve got to say—cotê has some of the most stunning shades of blue I’ve ever seen. I had to try them all and fortunately, it worked. Using polishes in the same color spectrum (not just blue) looks fun and playful while still looking put together.

Cotê colors used from top to bottom: #74, #75, #73, #72, & #35

Shop all the colors here.