Healthy Snacks for the Beach


Summer is in full swing and I’m spending as much time as I can at the beach.

What I don’t love is a sandy sandwich or a snack filled with beach grit. That is the worst!! Plus as tempting as it is (believe me it really is), I don’t want to stuff myself with greasy chips or other unhealthy eating options. We’ve all worked hard to get bathing suit ready and I don’t want to give up my healthy aspirations just yet.  If we eat healthy now, we can enjoy fro-yo or other heavenly frozen treats, like popsicles, that are synonymous with fun summer days.


Keep it simple.  Keep it easy.

There is no reason to make beach food complicated.  The more steps you need to take to prepare, the more opportunity for sand to get in your food.  Especially if you are beach bound with kids.  You are going to be busy keeping sand out of your child’s eyes and watching the “under toad” (what my nephew calls undertow), so why make your life any more difficult??

Ditch the Chips

Reach for healthier choices of dippers like baby carrots and sugar snap peas.  I also love mini bell peppers.  Yellow or orange are my favorite.  For the dips themselves, Hummus and guacamole are a perfect snack.  I recently found the Wholly brand guacamole minis that are only 100 calories per serving.  Delicious and ridiculously kind to your waistline.

Fruits and Nuts

Nothing feels more summery to me than fresh fruit. Berries are packed with antioxidants and mangos are so great this time of year. We all know now that you can never go wrong with sliced apples!

Other fruits are great, but just make sure to slice them up before hand so you aren’t battling the sand while wielding a knife.

Nuts like dry roasted almonds are perfect for beach-going munchies. This trip I even tried roasted edamame seeds for the first time. They were delicious; definitely an item I’m going to continue to bring with me on my beach trips.  I also want to try this recipe I found on for spicy roasted edamame. From what the reviews say that you need to cook them longer than indicated if you are eating them cold. Can’t wait to try this!


It is always very important to hydrate, but especially when you are out in the blazing sun.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.  Grapes and sliced cucumbers are also good healthy snacks that aid in hydration but not a substitute for good ole H2O.  Cucumbers are also a perfect veggie for dipping.


Another great chip alternative is popcorn.  I showed you how to make your popcorn extra yummy.  Make it at home easily and bag it up for your beach bound excursion.


Whatever you choose to bring to the beach make sure you take it all with you when you leave.  My rule of thumb for nature loving (beach and camping) is to leave the space cleaner than I found it.  It doesn’t take much to grab a few pieces of trash on your way out.  My friends at Heal the Bay will thank you.