Happy Father's Day!



Okay, so before anyone buys a 'world's greatest dad' mug or sits down to write an amazing poem counting the ways in which your dad is amazing let me just stop you right there. I have to stop you because MY DAD is the best dad in the whole entire world. Period.


Growing up I was always a daddy's girl. I looked up to him. I loved that he could easily breeze into the house and instantly make me smile. He worked hard day in and day out to give me the best life imaginable. He helped me see what unconditional love really means and always made me feel like I could fly to the moon and back if I set my mind to it.


I can remember him coming to my tea parties, playing dress up (he owned those hats and dresses) and teaching me how to ride a bike. The other thing I loved about my dad was that he treated me with respect and always let me be me.




Growing up in Kentucky was a far cry from Los Angeles. As you can imagine, I did not fit into the small southern lifestyle. I had dreams that went beyond marrying the high school football star, attending UK and moving a block away from my parents to raise my 2.5 children. I always knew that there was life outside of Kentucky and that it was ripe for the taking. I knew that I was smart, capable and able to get out of my hometown. I knew that it wasn't up to a man to get me out. It wasn't up to my parents. It was up to me. I was always empowered to plot out a course for my life and really give it everything I had until I  achieved my goals.


I knew all of this because of my father. I knew that the perfect man existed. I knew that hard work paid off. I knew that the feeling of providing for yourself and your family was unparalleled to none. I knew that true love could be found and knew that a man could truly respect a woman.


It is because of my father that I am the woman I am. It is because of him that I was able to accomplish so much in my life and recognize what a catch Scott was. Looking at Scott with Brooks I know that he is going to be the same kind of daddy to him that mine was to me.


I see the pure unadulterated love in his eyes towards Brooks and my heart instantly melts. I know that he is going to shape the man Brooks is and that he is going to teach Brooks how to treat a woman. I know that he will be everything to Brooks that my dad was to me.


That said, I guess I should rephrase my opening sentence to….I have to stop you because MY DAD (and husband) are the best dads in the whole entire world. Period.

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