Hannah’s Bananas

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I’m guessing the first impression of Brooks’ 2nd birthday party was pretty darn cool as we had Hannah’s Bananas amazing vintage trailer sitting outside our front door.

Hannah serves up chocolate dipped frozen bananas like nobody’s business.  The yummy factor is off the charts and her cute little trailer takes it to a whole other level.  It even has a pop-up bar connected to the nose, complete with banana bar stools.  I mean, seriously charming!!


Now that I think about it, this was the perfect storm for Brooks. He LOVES bananas, plus he’s obsessed with vehicles and just about anything with wheels.  Add the fact that this means of transport was loaded with chocolate and sprinkles?? No wonder he insisted we take a closer look.  (Please note in the image below my son is helping himself to said sprinkles)

Hannah’s Bananas is the perfect accompaniment for kid’s parties or just about any occasion.  On the full service/catering side of things they can serve the masses using their adorable trailer or they can set up “the counter” or tabletop set up.  Toppings can be created custom to whatever your heart desires, but the classic toppings are sprinkles, diced peanuts, crushed Oreo, and sweetened coconut.  If delivery is what you are after, Orange County residents you are in luck! Choose your flavors and your banana treats will be dropped to your door.

Miss Hannah herself is quite a cool customer.  Her entrepreneurial spirit is enviable.  Hannah’s Bananas was born from a high school project.  A simple idea turned into a growing business.  I love that!!!  Girl power all the way.

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