Halloween 2013: My Costume Choices!


molly sims halloween 2013 costumes For me, the fun of Halloween is the fact that there's so, so, so much planning, so, so, so much build up, and so, so, so much anticipation. This year I was thrilled to have the chance to dress up Brooks one more time before he can voice his own opinions, and the costume adventure clearly translate from son to mother. When I sat down to brainstorm my costume for Halloween 2013, my mind was all over the place. I knew I wanted something flashy, something fun, something so not me. But when it came time to narrow down my choices to just one or two, I obviously had a bit of a problem. molly sims halloween 2013 costumes 2 During my shopping excursion, I fell in love with four different looks - Carmen Miranda, Annie, an Indian, and Cher from Burlesque. Dressing up for Halloween is about so much more than just the outfit. It's the hair, the makeup, the attitude! Luckily, this year Halloween falls on a Thursday, meaning there's two weekends and a weekday evening for ghoulish parties and spooky soirees. Carmen won my vote for the first night, the Saturday prior to Halloween, because the slinky dress, red lips, and updo accessorized with fruit was just too much fun. As the week went on though, I tried a different look for each outing... and saved one solely for dishing out candy to trick or treaters! Which is your fav, fav, fav look?

Keep reading for my personal pictures from our Halloween celebrations!

molly sims halloween collage 2013