Hair How To | The Bungee Pony

I’ve put my hair through a lot over the years. From using heat tools constantly to experimenting with color, I try to take a less high-maintenance approach all in the name of hair health. Especially when I’m on vacation, I try to stay on a “heat hiatus.” This basically means that for whatever amount of time I’m gone, I take a break from the blow dryer and go au natural.

With that said, I still like to have my hair styled. That’s why this “bungee pony” is absolutely perfect for those staying away from heat tools. Since I have shorter hair now, I put in my extensions from time to time when I want a longer ponytail look. If you haven’t used bungee bands before, it’s about time you have. They are fantastic for your hair due to the fact that they don’t pull like the normal version. They also have great staying power! I jumped in the pool prior to taking these pictures and it kept flawlessly.


So, how do you get this easy “heat hiatus” look? It’s all about the bungee, baby! I chose to go with neon colors to match my suit (BTW—how cute is Shoshanna’s swim line?! I’m OB-sessed with this yellow one-piece!) If you want to make sure you get ultimate staying power, bobby pins and thread are great tools to include.


Prep hair as normal. If you are going for a “heat hiatus” still make sure to add smoothing crème or spray as you normally would.


Decide what type of pony you are going for. I prefer a lower pony at the base of my neck but it works as a higher version too. Take one bungee band and clip around the base of ponytail. Hook from both ends. It works best if you hold your hair with one hand and clip with the other.


Continue down the pony in equal sections to create this “bungee pony.” Before hooking, make sure you have the tension you desire. But no worries if it’s too loose! They are super easy to put back in.


If you need even more staying power, wrap thread around the bungee or secure a bobby pin underneath.


Once you’ve made your way down the ponytail, smooth away any flyaways. I still prefer using my husband’s Magic Move next to practically anything else! It’s inexpensive and gets the job done.

And, there you have it! This pony is not only cute and easy to wear but it’s great for your hair health. I mean, what else can a girl want!?

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