#SupermodelSecrets: How To Get The Perfect Color

Getting your hair color right just might be my number one beauty secret. It’s THAT important. The right color can make your skin appear healthier, your eyes brighter, and you…just better! While I’m often some shade of beachy blonde, I have tried every color known to man. My first seven years modeling, I had jet-black hair. But I’ve been platinum, chestnut, dark brown, red and I’ve even had my hair striped like a skunk (which I definitely don’t recommend!)

My natural color is a medium to dark brown (yes, that’s me!) But, newsflash! Your natural color doesn’t have to be the one you’re born with. It should be the color that makes you feel good! When your hair looks great, you will feel great. And frankly for me, that starts with mastering my color.


In my book, The Everyday Supermodel, I introduce you to my “hair harem.” They consist of my stylists, waxers, and everyone who makes me feel hair-raising amazing! For my color, Tracey Cunningham and Michelle Pugh (pictured) are my go-to gals. God, I love them! Tracey also co-owns Meche Salon in Los Angeles. With a whole portfolio of high-profile patrons, their work is the epitome of what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Here’s some coloring tips from the “queen of color” Tracey Cunningham herself:

Be Multidimensional: Highlights and lowlights add depth, dimension, and richness. They can also make hair appear thicker, healthier, and fuller.

Think Before Making A Big Change: This one is tricky. It’s good to experiment and get out of a rut, but remember to look at your reasons for changing things up first, or you might regret it.

Avoid Overprocessing: Be careful not to do too much to your hair. Every day women ask for things that will really compromise the health of their hair. More blonde! More bleach! Etc, Etc. Be aware, lightening your hair might look amazing, but when you go overboard, you are taking major risks. Always listen to your stylist when he or she gives advice.

Beware Going Against Your Skin: Hair color should enhance your skin tone. Not everyone looks great really dark or really light. Most of us look best a shade or two up or down. And always wear your everyday makeup to the salon. That will help your colorist balance your hair tone with your skin.

Don’t Go To High Maintenance: If you do want to go extreme in one direction, just be prepared. It’s a lot of work and can cost you a small fortune. There’s nothing worse than high-maintenance color that isn’t maintained. It can ruin your whole look!


Don’t have time or money to invest in monthly trips to the salon? Consider these budget beauty options:

Subtle Highlights: This is a great way to go. Highlights will enhance your hair and brighten your look. When they are subtle, they grow out and blend in seamlessly.

Try A Beachy Ombre: Ombre hair is slightly darker at the root and gradually gets lighter. Because there is no hard line at the root, you can go longer in between coloring. And it’s beachy, supermodel chic!

Clever Camouflage: Have products on hand that help to camouflage roots or extend the life of your color. (Think dry shampoos, root touch ups, eye shadows can even work!) They will extend the time in between salon visits and save you money.

Keep It Glossy: Michelle Pugh recommends your colorist occasionally do a Crystal Treatment on the hair before you color to help extend the life. Also, glossing treatments can be applied after your color; they help protect hair and add luster. Michelle is also OB-SESSED with the hair-strengthening brand called Olaplex.

Face Frame: If you are brunette or dark blonde, placing a few strategic and bright highlights around the face will freshen your look and add a youthful feel. It’s quick and affordable!