Making The Cut


Last week, I made a huge (and impulsive) decision to chop my hair off. When I say impulsive, I mean I stepped out of the subway in New York to a sweltering 90-degree heat and made the call to my hairdresser. I don’t know if it was the mix of the crazy heat or the change of season, but I got a gut impulse that I was ready for a change. My makeup artist/hairdresser, Joey Maalouf actually tried to talk me out of it! But I begged him and I love, love, love the ending result. He does too!

Here’s the thing: I don’t actually recommend or endorse impulsive hair decisions. I’ve literally had every style, cut, and color imaginable in my day. Some have been great but others have been absolutely regrettable. Fortunately, hair grows back and color fades but it’s better to save yourself the trouble in my book. Luckily, my decision last week worked out but not all “drop of the hat” decisions do!

In my book, The Everyday Supermodel, I dedicated an entire chapter on the topic of hair. What products to use, what not to use, how to get the perfect color, and how the perfect cut is absolutely crucial.

Here are some tips from celebrity stylist Caile Noble on how to get a supermodel-cut:

  • Consult Before You Cut: Have an idea of what you are looking for and talk it through with your stylist. Show him a picture. Ask questions. Have a real conversation. When choosing a cut based on a picture from a magazine, keep in mind the hair is usually styled to look like that—not cut to.
  • You, Only Better: Always go with a cut that works well with your texture, your lifestyle, and your budget. For example, shorter looks often require more trips to the salon for upkeep, meaning more cash. When it comes to styling, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to teach you how to style your cut too.
  • Trim Time: Don’t be so obsessed with gaining length that you forgo a trim. A little dusting of the ends every few months will help your hair grow longer and faster. When you trim the ends, you prevent the split ends from working their way up the hair shaft and ultimately breaking the hair.
  • Too Many Layers: Do not let someone go all Edward Scissorhands on you. For some reason, a lot of stylists go layer crazy. Although layers can add volume if you have fine hair, you also lose hair when creating layers. With the exception of a very few people, no one looks good with layers cut above the chin.
  • Versatility: A great cut is versatile. You may have a favorite way to wear your hair, but the cut should never only look good one way. Long or short, you should have several styling options.