Hair Brightening Tea Rinse With Thrive Market

This month, with Thrive Market, I’m showing you how to make your own natural hair brightening tea rinse.

Through my years of modeling, I’ve done a lot with my hair. Curled it, straightened it, bleached it, dyed it. There’s been a lot of chemical warfare going on! Just like your skin, your hair health says just as much about your age. Thin brittle hair equals not adequate enough nutrition and shows age just as much as wrinkles.

Dull hair also looks just as drab as dull skin. It can wash you out and take away from the beauty of your glowing face! Even with all the expensive creams, conditioners, and treatments out there; there is a natural one that does just the trick. Just like tea will pep you up after a tired day, it peps up tired hair as well!


Here’s the step-by-step on how to make your own rinse:

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