Growing Up Too Fast: Brooks' First Haircut!!


I held out as long as I could, but I knew it was time for this right of passage when Brooks’ hair was in his eyes like the early days of Justin Bieber.  As much as I didn’t want a single curl on his perfect head ever touched, I recognized the reality and handled it. Just kidding. I was supremely lucky as we have a hair stylist in the family (thank you cousin, Christina) at the great kid friendly salon called Ya Ya’s. Christina was amazing with Brooks and a nervous mama like myself.

I’m going to share my tips and tricks to help you your child survive his/her first haircut with a smile.

Talk about it.  Toddlers do not like surprises.  Explain the process the best that you can and make sure you find a stylist that is kid savvy.  You don’t need a cranky stylist wielding scissors on your baby’s precious locks. Cousin Christina was amazing with Brooks. She was super patient and made Brooks feel so comfortable.


Make it fun.  Bring a toy.  Tell them the hair cutting cape is for super heroes. Do what you need to do. Bring a snack or even a lollipop.  Any means necessary.

Do not use the word “cut.” That may scare your child.  Try using words like “trim” or “style.”  You know you want the keepsake of their first curl.  Ask ahead so your stylist can prepare properly.  I think this personalized box would be perfect curl keeping.


Don’t let them see you sweat.  Your child will know if you are feeling apprehensive or stressed and will be more likely to cry during the haircut.  This is the time for Mommy to put on a brave face! Okay so not the bravest face (see pic below) but I promise, Brooks thought I was being really brave!

We did it! We survived and I think that Brooks is even more handsome that he was before.  I’m totally not biased.  His grandparents agreed with me too!!  My tips are simple and easy and I hope they help your little one get through their first haircut painlessly.  This applies to ALL members of the family.  Especially, the mommy!!