GOOD KARMA: Step Up Women's Network


With the season of giving in full swing, what better time is there for a little volunteer work?! And if you’re looking for a worthy cause, it just so happens that I’ve got the perfect one in mind for all the ladies out there!

A couple of weeks ago I had an especially memorable experience working with the Step Up Women’s Network. Step Up is a national nonprofit that pairs professional women mentors with groups of underserved teen girls. The goal is to help them become confident, college-bound and career-ready! They also offer after-school programs at high schools in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, which is where I chose to volunteer my time.

I visited a Step Up class of 9th through 11th grade girls at Environmental Science And Technology High School in L.A. Having worked in fashion and beauty for so long, I wanted to put all of my professional knowledge to good, positive use!

The truth is, the fashion and beauty industries can often send mixed messages to young girls. And while I love designer clothes and makeup as much as the next girl (OK… maybe even more!), it’s important to remember what really counts.

The girls and I discussed “real beauty” and even took a look at how women are represented in the media versus real life. I wanted to leave the girls with the message that in the end, true beauty is on the inside!

I had such an amazing experience working with the girls, and can’t recommend Step Up enough. They’re always looking for more professional women volunteers, so holiday season or not, be sure to check out if you might be interested.

Thanks for having me, Step Up!

Love, Molly

All images by Amy Tierney of F8/F11

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