Good Karma: Baby2Baby

Good Karma: Baby2Baby



I’ve always felt extremely grateful for the blessings life has thrown at me, but the word ‘gratitude’ took on a whole new meaning the minute Brooks was born. All of the sudden, I felt so incredibly blessed just to hold this perfect little baby in my arms. Blessed to know that he would never go hungry, and blessed that he would always have a roof over his head. And then beyond the bare necessities, Scott and I felt so extremely grateful for all of the generosity and support from everyone around us. I’m telling you, the little guy was showered with gifts! I was so grateful for everything we received, but it also got me thinking… What about the children out there who aren’t as fortunate?


That’s when I decided to get involved with Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby is an incredible nonprofit organization in L.A. that collects new and slightly used baby gear and distributes it wherever it’s needed most throughout the city. Since Baby2Baby is so dear to my heart, I asked co-presidents Kelly Sawyer and Norah Weinstein to tell us all a few things about the organization…


How did you first get involved with Baby2Baby and what attracted you to the organization?
We became involved with Baby2Baby when we were looking for a charitable organization that gave back to children in need. We heard that one in three moms has to chose between food or diapers for her children, and we knew something had to be done.
We both had been involved in children's charities in the past and had philanthropic backgrounds. We wanted to take our involvement one step further in the community, and Baby2Baby was the perfect place to do so! We love the idea of recycling things your family has outgrown to help other families in need—and also love to involve our own children in the cycle of giving at Baby2Baby.

What are the Top 5 most needed items for babies and children in L.A.?
At Baby2Baby our most needed items are diapers, clothing, cribs, umbrella strollers, and car seats. These items, along with other new and gently used children's essentials, can be donated at the Baby2Baby headquarters, or at one of our 14 drop-off locations throughout L.A.

What are some of your upcoming fundraisers and events?
Baby2Baby is thrilled to host our First Annual Gala on Saturday, November 3rd. We also host a family event each spring to raise much-needed funds to support the low-income families we serve. Beyond fundraising events, Baby2Baby hosts community events for the families we serve. Whether gathering at our headquarters, a park, or at one of our partner organizations, we always look forward to a fun event that provides families with items they need: diapers, clothing, books, and other gear.

What can people outside the L.A. area do to help?
We encourage families who live outside of L.A. to find a similar organization in their area where they can donate their gently used and new baby essentials to families in need.
Monetary donations to support Baby2Baby's work can also be made on our website.

I hope you feel inspired to get involved!

Let me know about some of your own favorite organizations in the comments.

Love, Molly


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