Giving Good Gifts: Serving Trays

As I shared previously in my post about all things rosey, I truly love gift giving. I become obsessed in finding THE perfect present for someone.  It literally makes me giddy to find something I know the recipient will love and potentially keep for years to come.  I’ve been known to secretly send myself an email or text if I’m with a friend or family member shopping and we see something they love, want, etc. I will make a note of it, and then spring it on them for their next birthday.

Around the holidays, I tap into my super secret weapon: the magical “gift folder”.  For years I have kept a thick binder filled with gift ideas and vendors I’ve sourced, been gifted myself, or come across in a magazine, on a website, etc.  I’m that crazy lady at the doctor’s office who will rip a page out of a magazine and try to covertly stuff it in my purse!!  Make fun of me all you want, but let me tell you my friends, I give good gift.  And because I love more than anything to share with my readers all my finds, tricks and tips, I thought GGG (giving good gifts) would be a great reoccurring presence on the site!

Today’s GGG spotlight is on serving trays.  I LOVE a good serving tray.  Saying they are incredibly multi-purpose doesn’t begin to do them justice.  They come in all styles and designs.  From high end chic to casual, there is a tray to suit any taste or budget.  Serving Trays are also a great gift idea for a wide variety of occasions.  From birthdays, anniversary, weddings, housewarming, or even pool parties.  It would even be a great present for Mother’s Day.  What a nice extra treat it would be to bring mom breakfast in bed placed atop a gorgeous new serving tray?

I received this gorgeous tray as a wedding gift.  I loved it so much the same person gave me its twin for Christmas!!  We now we can have His/hers trays ready for breakfast in bed.  But then who is going to be the waiter?!!  

This is a really cool vintage beaded tray I used to have in my living room.  Clearly, this picture was taken BB, Before Brooks.   There is no way we would keep so many breakables in his line of fire now!

Here are a few great serving trays I have spotted recently:

  • Personalized photo tray.  This is really cool idea!  They make a serving tray out of any image you submit.  The price is super budget friendly too!!  You could do something really cool for Mother’s day with this gem.
  • This Pottery Barn masculine vibed ode to vintage tray would be perfect for at home happy hours.  You can even have this monogrammed.  Tre chic!
  • This woven rattan tray from Serena and Lily comes in a set of two (even better!!).  If you are worried about things falling through the cracks, add a placemat for crumb coverage.
  • The priciest out of our little treasure trove of serving trays.  To be completely honest, this really falls into the platter category, but it is so darn pretty I had to add it to the list.
  • Anything sea faring continues to be in vogue and this Nautical serving tray hits the mark quite nicely.
  • Who knew shabby chic would come back so quick?  Pier 1's white antiqued tray would be perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations.  At  $39.95, you won’t have to skimp and buy the cheap tequila!

Quick tip (gifting style):  Invite people to judge a book by its cover with this super chic method of gift wrapping using a real flower as your bow. The best part is that it is really easy to execute.  Cut the stem of the flower, leaving yourself slightly less than half of an inch of the stem.  Wrap floral wire around the remaining stem.  Poke a tiny hole in the ribbon using the floral wire. Feed the floral wire wrapped stem through the hole and attach to ribbon. If flower is large you may need to also affix with tape for extra support.