GIFTED: For the Guys

GIFTED: For the Guys

You didn’t think I’d forget about the guys, did you? Since it’s mine and Scott’s first Christmas together as husband and wife, I’ve been doing a little extra research in this department! Vivitek 3D-Ready Pocket DLP Projector


Less expensive and more compact than the average digital projector, plus 3D capabilities? Looks like he’ll be getting that home theater he always wanted!

City Boy Picnic Grill


Grill ‘em up! Whether he’s camping out or just picnicking in Central Park, he’ll love this sleek, portable gas-powered grill.

Age Your Own Whiskey Kit


You’ve probably seen the brew-your-own-beer kits before, but how about Age Your Own Whiskey?

Jawbone JAMBOX


This is the best sounding wireless speaker out there! It can be used for music, movies or as a speakerphone, and it’s small enough to take anywhere he goes. Need I say more?

Lego Architecture


Lego has never looked so chic! Choose a landmark you’ve visited together to make it all the more meaningful.

Birchbox Man Box 6461953337:Yahoo:photo

Maybe this will help your man understand your beauty product obsession!

What are you getting the men on your holiday gift list?

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