Friend of a Farmer by Brooks Stuber


molly sims brooks stuber friend of a farmer featured Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be on a farm. I read books about trucks and tractors all the time, I pretty much only use the farm stickers in my sticker book, and I cannot get over how awesome all those farm animals are! (If you ask me what a cow says, I'll answer you without even blinking an eye. Moo. It says Moo. See how smart I am??!)

Anyway, my mom luckily picked up on my love of farms and while we were out visiting Big Momma and Big Daddy in Murray, Kentucky, (where my mom grew up!)  mom took me to her best friend's farm. Candi and David Outland are the nicest people and being on their farm was probably one of the best experiences I've had!

brooks stuber friend of a farmer tractor

Why was it the best experience? Well, for starters, I got to ride  inside of a TRACTOR. A REAL, BONA-FIDE, TRACTOR.

I'd always imagined myself in a tractor. I have plenty of tractor toys at home and my favorite thing to do is roll them around and in my mashed potatoes or line them up in a row on the couch ... but this was a whole new ball game. I never thought I'd one day be practically driving it myself!! Kind of. Sort of. Okay not really driving it, but you get the point.

brooks stuber molly sims friend of a farmer corn

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I found myself in the middle of a petting zoo. I'll have you know, I got to pet a BUNCH of animals. A mule, some bunnies, and some sheep!!  I was even  up close to the farm's very own  "fainting goats". The goats get that name because they fall over when they hear a loud noise.

I suddenly realized I really worked up an appetite from working on the farm and meeting all those farm animals.  So, I was in for a surprise when I got to try some of Candi and David's fried fish, hush puppies and french fries! But that's not all, Big Momma brought the dessert: her famous Thomas Jefferson pound cake!  MMMMMMMM!

I was stuffed. And happy. And just when I thought the day on the farm was almost over, I was introduced to some new friends!! They were David's sons, John and Will. They were so much fun!!  And John had the coolest train to show me. The train's name was Thomas. I think my mom might need to introduce me to a train conductor on the next trip...

This is Brooks signing off...


brooks farmer trucks