Beauty From Overseas | France

During my career, I have traveled and lived many places. Throughout my experiences, I have picked up on certain customs and tips from women all around the world. So, who gives the best advice? French women. When it comes to beauty, French women just…get it. Beauty for them isn’t centered around a million new products; it’s centered around being the best version of yourself. In other words, just like the Korean way, it all starts at beauty from the inside out.

Now, this chic and effortless “French” girl look still comes with a few product recommendations. Before I show you my favorites, let me clue you in on a few rules I learned while living there in my youth:

RULE #1: Go Easy On The Makeup

This one is a vicious cycle. If you have bad skin, you want to cover it up. But that heavy makeup will cause your skin to break out more. Let your skin breathe and use great products that allow itself to go back to it’s glowing state. Moisturizer (tinted or non-tinted), concealer, a little blush, maybe a lip—you’re good to go!

RULE #2: Stop Washing Your Hair

Okay, not permanently. Just stop doing it every day. Too much washing can strip your hair of its natural oils and can actually make it look more oily! For French women, it’s about texture. If you are feeling like you need a little pick me up, grab some dry shampoo and spray away. It’s a great way to get that “done/undone” messy model off duty look.

RULE #3: Confidence Is Key

This is the main thing I love, love, love about French beauty. That chic and effortless look is often accompanied by something super powerful: confidence. They don’t need a blowout and sculpted contouring to feel amazing—they just need a few great products. Nothing looks cooler than someone who radiates beauty from within.

See? I told you—low maintenance beauty rules! Now for the products…

FYI: Luckily, you don’t have to hit up a French drugstore for these products. I purchased all mine from Birchbox!


Klorane Dry Shampoo

Like I stated above, a dry shampoo will do your hair wonders. Not all dry shampoos are created equal though. Some are sticky, some leave a residue, and some have a distinct (and not always so great) scent. Klorane is a French favorite and one of my personal favorites as well. It’s light but still does a heavy-duty job when you need it.


Caudaile Eau De Beaute

It’s no surprise that the French are known for their perfume. For days where I’m a bit more casual, I like to wear a light scent that isn’t too overpowering. Caudaile Eau De Beaute is like a fragrance and moisturizer in one. It’s light and crisp floral scent is perfect to layer on. I like to spritz a little when I get out of the shower!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

Speaking of layering, Nuxe has been my go-to dry oil for years! It’s fragrance free so you can use it with any other perfume or body oil. It soaks in immediately for a glowy sheen all day. It’s also great for running through your hair and repairing split ends.


Kerastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil

When it comes to hair products, Kerastase will always reign supreme in my book. I use their shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil almost weekly. I don’t like when hair products are super heavy considering they weigh down your hair. This beautifying oil can be used with wet or dry hair and doesn’t get in the way of a textured look.


Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre

If you go backstage at any fashion show, you will find bottles of Embryolisse literally everywhere. When I started modeling, this was one of the first products I became OB-sessed with. It was in every single makeup artists kit and I had to get my hands on some. It’s velvet silky finish doubles as a makeup remover, post shave soother, and even a baby cream!


Leonor Greyl L’Huile

This Leonor Greyl oil is actually for pre-shampoo and something I use all summer. It tames dry, frizzy hair while also protecting it from the sun. It’s also great for a beach day to combat the damaging effects of saltwater.


Avene Thermal Spring Water

If I can give you any advice, it would be to ALWAYS carry thermal spring water in your purse. I’m serious—it freshens you up like nothing else. Spritz on your face to set your makeup or spray on after a long travel day. Avene is like a pep talk in a bottle. I’m serious!

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