Fourth of July Decor: From the Dollar Store!!!

We love to decorate for ALL  the holidays, but what I don’t love is spending a ton of money. The dollar store is definitely my hero in decoration town.  Brooks and I went on a bit of a shopping spree filling our cart for the occasion with just about anything that was red, white or blue.  The total price tag of our super shopping decorating extravaganza? $23 bucks!!

Brooks decided our party was clothing optional, but he made sure to wear his headgear!  That’s my boy!!  It is SO much fun sharing my love for all of the holidays with him.  I’m already thinking ahead about how incredibly amazing Halloween is going to be this year.

How cute is this??  Give your guests a patriotic candy fix by using cupcake wrappers to create individual servings.


Quick Tip:  Save it for later! Keep your decorations organized as well as extend their shelf life by storing in Ziploc bags.


Monochrome It!

Not only is the monochrome look extremely chic and clean, but also it is incredibly versatile.  You can use these colors separately or combine with other hues to create completely different looks. I’m not a hoarder, but I’m definitely not afraid to save leftover plates, napkins and other party supplies to recycle for other events.  Example: Red accessories can be used Valentines Day and Christmas.


See below how we recycled our blue accessories for another party.  Paired with the bright green gives it a totally different vibe that our July 4th theme.  Another great tip is to add a layer of texture while tying your look together by using a pattern or print.


How about our centerpiece?!?  Red candy heaven and was super easy to put together. All the candy came from the dollar store as well.  How do you like my headgear?  4th of July couture don’t you think??


Quick Tip:  Clear glass vases are great to collect and keep.  You can use them for events and parties and they pretty much always go together.  Cylinders of varying sizes are good staple to have and they can serve double duty and become candleholders.


Not to move too far ahead on the decorating calendar but check out this winter tablescape.  See how the cylinder vases being used at candleholders? I’m telling you clear glass is incredibly versatile.

I think our table turned out pretty great if I do say so myself.  The dollar store saves the day again.  The dollar store is perfect for holiday decorating, gift bags, Easter baskets, Halloween candy and even stocking stuffers for Christmas.  What are your favorite treasures from the dollar store?  Tell me everything!!  This girl LIVES for a bargain!!