DIY Toddler Fun: Fort Building

Part of the joys of being a parent is being able to revisit fond childhood memories through your children’s eyes. When I say “joy”, I really mean giddy, belly laughing fun like when we had our sprinkler party. Those are the moments that I live and die for as a parent.

Our latest “family bonding” extravaganza is Brooks’ love for making forts. It is literally something we do almost every day. Let no blanket, sheet or couch cushion go unused in our fort building activities for that would be a crime!


Dog beds are the ultimate fort building staple at our house. They are often the foundation of some of our very best forts. Luckily, we have three dogs, so Brooks has LOTS of material to work with. Occasionally, there have been some occupancy issues AKA Brooks wants to take over the dog beds while the puppies are enjoying their cozy napping dens, but our big sweet Lab, Duke, actually enjoys being part of the action and loves diving in with Brooks.


Fort building is probably one of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy time with your kids. And you couldn’t ask for a better stretch of your toddler’s growing imagination. I appreciate that the construction of forts tends to be low-impact and you can literally lie down on the job. This was especially appreciated toward the end of my pregnancy when I wasn’t as fast on my feet.


We are now beginning to expand our fort building talents to include tunnels (two chairs pushed together with a sheet over it) and snacks… You know Momma is always up for a picnic. Truth be told, fort building works up an appetite!


I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I have realized that kids don’t need the latest and greatest toy to make them happy.  Haven’t we all heard the story about the parent buying the expensive toy and the kid spending more time playing with box it came in?  If Brooks could read, he would NOT appreciate those last two sentences!!!

Joking aside, I do my best as a parent to make time to engage my kids and feed their imaginations. Who knows … maybe Brooks is going to be an architect or civil engineer. Stranger things have happened.


What I do know is that as much as my playtime with my son makes him happy… it makes my heart happy ten thousand million times more.  Brooks, Momma loves you to the moon and back.  I’m one lucky and proud wife and Momma of two.

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