#SupermommaSecrets: Keep Your Kids Healthy Through Flu Season

It is here people… flu and cold season has arrived. Mommas, man your battle stations! May no man go down!!

Over at the Sims / Stuber household, we now have the added exposure of Brooks being in school … AKA the germ factory. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put my child in a bubble, it is just the “cold” reality of being around more kids. Sadly, there are no magic potions to ensure that colds and viruses won’t ever cross your path. But, I do have some tips to share and some products to show you that I rely upon year round and especially during cold season.


Tips for Cold/Flu Season Survival

Hand Washing:

Teach your children the importance of hand washing. This is especially important prior to eating and after using the rest room. Soap and water is better to use than hand sanitizer.

Cough/Sneeze Etiquette:

It’s never too early to start teaching your children to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough. At our house we call it the chicken wing!

Good Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is important for immune system function. Sleep impairment leads to impairment in immunity, including fewer white blood cells (our bodies’ cellular defense system) as well as fewer antibodies (germ fighters).

Good Food:

Good healthy eats are what keeps bodies strong and immune system working optimally. Protein is necessary to rebuild cells in our bodies. Making sure our kids eat plenty of fruits and vegetables is important for essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


I believe firmly in prevention. Pictured below is my dream team for good health.

  • Nordic Omega-3 Gummies: Made without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, Nordic gummies are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. Nordic Omega-3 Gummies are a great way to keep children's immune systems healthy. They have EPA and DHA to support good health.
  • Child Life First Defense: For stimulating the natural immune responses and defending the body.
  • Child Life Probiotics and Colostrum: Provides a full spectrum of antibodies and immune factors. The probiotic blend is the ideal balance for intestinal health. The prebiotics support the growth of good bacteria to maintain healthy digestion and immune function.
  • Black Elderberry Syrup: Elderberries have been used for centuries for illness. They have been shown to prevent flu and can help shorten the duration of illness.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an important vitamin and antioxidant that the body uses to keep you strong and healthy. Vitamin C is used in the maintenance of bones muscles and blood vessels.

Here’s to a healthy rest of the year!!! As Brooks loves to say CHEERS!!


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