#SupermodelSecrets: How to Fishtail Braid


I always love trying out hairstyles that can be seen as both casual and elegant. As a busy mom, I’m all about being efficient. If I can wake up, take Brooksie to music class, get my errands done and then meet a girlfriend for dinner without needing to redo my hair, I’m sold. That’s why I decided to learn how to master the fishtail braid. Not only is it a super cute solution for a bad hair day, but it puts such a fun twist on the more traditional side braid or low ponytail. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do the perfect fishtail braid.


First, you’ll want to pick your part. I prefer a side part with my fishtail braid because it just helps the braid lay better. Once you’ve got your part down, bring all of your hair to one side. Split it into 2 even sections. This is where the fun part begins! Split each of those 2 sections into an additional 2 sections, leaving you with 4 sections; 2 on the outside, 2 on the inside. Take each outside section, crisscross them and pull them very tight. Keep repeating this step with every outside section until you have reached the end of your hair. I like to tie my hair with a clear elastic so it really holds the braid in place. Emi Jay has AH-dorable colorful hair elastics that you can use as well. Once the braid is secured, you’ll want to pull the braid apart to add to that loose, bohemian look. Now all you need to do is spray with some hairspray for a longer lasting hold, and you’re good to go! Paul Mitchell Awapuhi finishing spray is great.


I’m so, so, so excited I finally learned how to achieve the perfect fishtail braid!  I know the steps sound a little tricky, but practice definitely makes perfect. Keep working at it and let me know how it turns out!

Fishtail Step by Step How To:

  1. Bring all hair to one side; I prefer side part
  2. Split into 2 even sections
  3. Grab outside hair of one section and connect it to outside hair of opposite section
  4. Pull tight
  5. Repeat and repeat until you reach the end of hair!
  6. Pull braid apart to give it bigger messier look
  7. Spray hairspray to finish.