Pregnancy Fashion 101: What to Wear in Your 1st Trimester

During the first trimester of your pregnancy you tend to employ the fashion camouflage technique the most because you aren’t telling everyone about your little secret yet.  I will admit it can suck because your clothes no longer fit right and most people just assume you’ve just packed on a few pounds.  As a model I have learned throughout the years how to dress in order to hide a little extra weight. That translates perfectly into our topic for today: Fashion Camouflage.


Just because your favorite jeans have to go on inactive duty for a bit doesn’t mean you have to resort to Moo-Moos.  A great trick to be able to wear your jeans a little longer is getting a belly band.  Keep your burgeoning secret under wraps but still make yourself feel good while you are doing it. These pants from Pea in the Pod are right up my alley. I really like wearing a long or loose fitting dress or skirt that gives you breathing room in the middle.  Going one size bigger in your clothing is also a great option.


Layer simply with an oversized sweater or something like a leather or boyfriend jacket.  It can be the perfect topper to almost any outfit. If you go tighter on the top, then opt for an A-line style bottom.


A crossbody bag, bold accessories, and statement pieces are ideal for drawing the eye away from your little secret.  Empire waist tops and dresses are also great options. Even if your secret is out, sometimes it is nice to have it NOT be all about the belly. I am not saying that you should ever hide your beautiful momma-to-be curves.  To the contrary, I think being pregnant is when we need to embrace who we are and really have fun with our fashion.


These are great styling tips to last throughout your pregnancy.  Most important of all, make sure you are comfortable and feel good about what you are wearing. Show a touch of skin, a little leg… Don’t be afraid to accentuate your assets!

Actress, model, active humanitarian, & Mom! Author of 'Everyday Chic'.