Fashion Trend: Overalls (Everything Old is New Again)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my years in the fashion world, it’s that the expression “everything old, is new again” couldn’t be truer. And while some fads should stay in the era they came from (shoulder pads, I’m talking to you!), there are others that I’m thrilled to see jump out of their vault and onto the landscape of today’s trendy scene. One trend that pops into my mind? Overalls

Whether you call them dungarees, bib overalls, or anything else--there’s no denying that these puppies are perhaps the most comfortable and easy-to-wear trend on the market today. From white-washed denim to the distressed variety, stores are brimming with style options galore. And when in doubt, go with the original. During a recent outing to the Flea Market, I came across a booth offering racks and racks of adorable and affordable vintage options. So really, there’s no excuse to embrace this throwback trend…


The biggest complaint I hear from my friends is that they like overalls but don’t think they have the legs/stomach/style/insert-your-insecurity-here to pull them off. I think that’s crazy talk! The trick is to pair the look with accessories that will de-accentuate whatever your trouble spot is. For example, if you worry your legs look to short, pair them with a bootie instead of a flat. If you’re worried the look is too casual, wear the look with a silk blouse and some glitzy flats, or embrace the casual look and pair them with Birkenstocks like I did (see picture above). And the most important tip for pulling off this trend? Embrace the look and rock the heck out of it!

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