Falling in Love, Love, Love with Balmain


What girl doesn’t love a great pair of jeans?

There’s something about that moment when you zip up that zipper, button that button, check yourself out and realize … these jeans were made for me. So when I came across these stunning Balmain jeans at Barney’s last week, I felt that way … almost. To my serious dismay, they were way out of my price range. But that didn’t stop me from trying on every (single) pair and momentarily picturing myself wearing them to every single event I had planned that week.

The current punk/military trend definitely comes into play with these jeans, and Balmain did a great job of incorporating an edgy look with really fun, girly colors. I love, love, love the zipper details on the leg of the jeans, and the military style buttons give the denim a really unique look. The different patchwork on the knees shows you how much work went into the design of each pair, and I think it’s so, so, so great when you can appreciate the details a designer thought of when creating a line.

The best part of these jeans is that they make the outfit. The accent piece of your look is already done for you. Throw them on with a white v-neck or black tank and you’re set. When trying them on, I wanted to see what they’d look like with this AH-mazing Ann Demeulemeester coat, and as usual, she didn’t disappoint. There are tons of brands that have AH-mazing denim and colored jeans, like Zara, Shopbop, and Rag & Bone.

While I won’t be purchasing these exact jeans any time soon, they serve as great inspiration for an amazing fall trend!