My 3 Must-Have Fall Shoes

There are few relationships more blissful than the one between a woman and her shoes. As the saying goes, “clothes can easily be too tight, but shoes always fit.” Which is why we often deem them worthy of investment, making them perhaps the most beloved accessory in the world of female fashion. And after a season of lazy summer fun in flip-flops and Birkenstocks, I’m grateful for the onset of Fall. It’s an opportunity to up the ante and slip into my fav new footwear.

I poured through the magazines and even braved the NYC shops for an in-person surveillance of the best offerings. Here are the top three styles I’m loving most:


Pointed Color Pump

Every since picking up these hot pink pointed pumps, I’ve been in love. No matter how basic or muted the outfit is, these pumps make it instantly cool and fun. I got the ones pictured above from the Barneys footwear line. They look just the Manolo Blahnik ones but cost half of the price!



The loafer has recently commandeered the fashion airwaves and it doesn’t appear to be relenting its control any time soon. But based on the comfort this shoe provides, I’ll take it! This traditionally conservative style is getting an edgy makeover in the form of interesting prints and textures. I love the ones pictured above by Prada.


Ankle Boot

I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a penchant for my Isabel Marant boots. They’re my proverbial favorite child. Except in this family, the other children understand and accept the favoritism. Because, really people-- what’s not to love about this style? It’s comfortable and casual--yet cool enough that you can wear them just about anywhere. I love pairing mine with a slip dress and oversized sweater. But like I said, you can really wear them anywhere with anything.

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