Fall-ing Into This Season’s Trends

As September turns into October and then November in Los Angeles, the weather may stay the same, but there’s still a hint of fall in the air. And while I love the sun and warmth of California, not to mention the AH-mazing vegetables we get to indulge in, I always look forward to trying out the latest fall fashion styles, especially during visits to the East Coast! Here are five of my favorite new trends for the season … and a few shopping suggestions for each that you should pick up!

Bohemian Dreams

It’s no secret that I love, love, love the bohemian style, so I’m BE-yond happy to see that this will be a big trend for fall. Between floral maxi dressesboho braids and Woodstock appreciation there’s a host of ways to lightly add this trend into your wardrobe. For a heavier handed style, really embrace the ‘70s feel with feather accents and layering.


Nothing makes me feel quite like fall like a good poncho does. It’s by far the coziest piece of clothing you can own - essentially like a scarf that’s meant to let you wrap up and envelope yourself in. Unfortunately, it’s easy to look a little sloppy in a poncho, so you really have to manage your proportions when it comes to the rest of your outfit.

Fringe Benefits

Another ‘70s inspired accent has returned and it’s an easy one to embrace. From fringed vests to fringed bags, this trend can quickly be adapted to your current outfits. If you’re really ready to go for it though, I love the look of fringed sleeves on dresses or a really well made leather jacket with fringes that swing just so as you walk!

Going Violet

Though marsala officially took the lead as the Pantone color of the year, Wood Violet was named a front runner. The color’s officially defined as being all about poise, finesse and polish, which sums up the hue nicely. Some may think purple is a little girls’ color range, but when styled correctly, any age range can wear it. Stick to lilac, or mauve tones for a muted approach.

Windowpane Appreciation

While plaid will never go out of style, the pattern of choice this fall is black and white windowpane, hands down. Much like plaid, the windowpane pattern comes in a variety of different sizes and matches with just about anything, making it a go-to. For busy #Supermommas, this is a quick and painless way to add a new trend to your closet - grab a windowpane top and throw it over your fav pair of skinny jeans, pop on booties, and you’re good to go!

FashionMolly Sims