Eyelash Extensions



Okay ladies, today's topic is on the subject we all lust over:

eyelashes. They can never be black enough, never be long enough and

never be thick enough. There is just something about amazingly long,

luscious lashes that make you feel like a million bucks.


The current LA obsession is a nice and easy quick fix for instantly

turning your eyes into ones that even Minnie Mouse herself would envy.

Lash extensions have been out for a while but are just now growing in

popularity thanks to the ease and the recent drop in pricing. What

once cost a whopping $400 (I know! Crazy right?) can now set you back

a mere $80. Not bad for a month of amazing lashes right?


The way it works is pretty simple, they use a poxy adhesive to bind

the individual lashes to your lashes. So where you had one lash you

now have 3! You can imagine the pure amazingess.



They last for 3-4 weeks and can withstand makeup, showers and the

occasional swim. So next time you're looking for a little pick me up

splurge give eyelash extensions a shot!