Entertaining 101: How to Master the Kid Party


We love to throw parties at the Stuber / Sims household. Almost any life milestone you can think of, we have a party for it.  Nothing fancy most times, just hanging with good friends while enjoying good food and drinks.  Isn’t that how life is supposed to be??

Cue Brooks Stuber on the scene to take our party planning to the next level. Our goal always is to offer a GREAT time for the kids as well as the adults. There is no reason to torture adults with juice boxes and chicken fingers.

Enter Stefanie Cove, managing partner at YOA productions, my friend and woman on speed dial when it comes to anything event oriented.  She has a black belt in wedding etiquette.  I have experienced her magic first hand because she helped plan my wedding. Every crazy question I could come up with (the addressing of the invites alone was cause for a major meltdown), she would have an answer or a solution that would take me back to my happy place.  I also worked with Stefanie and YOA productions on my baby shower.

When it came to start planning parties that included those who still have their baby teeth, I knew exactly who I was going to call.  Since we are gearing up for Brooks’ second birthday bash (I promise I will share pictures later), I thought this was a perfect time to pick Stefanie’s brain for some tips to share with MollySims.com on how to throw a FAB kid party while keeping the adults happy too.

1.  Make sure to have alcohol!! Signature cocktails are a must. Especially in the summer months.

QUICK TIP: Check out this mojito glass & pitcher set. Perfect for summer cocktailingand how about these super sassy striped straws.

2. Engaging activities for the kids:  Busy = happy!  Make sure and have more than one activity. If they get bored, they can move on to the next.  Obviously age range is a big factor for your planning. DIY activities can be great fun too!

QUICK TIP: How about a model clay station where kids can have loads of fun and take their sculptures home. Or how about a bubble filled dance party?  This bubble machine would be perfect.

3. Food: Make sure to provide healthy and yummy kid food, but appeal to your adult audience by having fresh summer salads, healthy barbecue food. Not just hamburgers and hot dogs.  Think veggie burgers, turkey burgers, ahi tuna burgers - or even grilled mahi mahi!

QUICK TIP: I love, love, love to get culinary inspiration for my parties from this foodie fan favorite Epicurious.


4. Entertainment: Include an activity for kids & adults to enjoy together, like a photo booth or fortune teller.

QUICK TIP:  I created a Pinterest board of tons of fun photo booth ideas.  DIY heaven!

5. Fan favorites: Have desserts that both kids and adults will love. Try an ice cream or candy station.

QUICK TIP:  Amazon.com is great for bulk candy buying.  You can even do a search of candy by color if you are going for a monochromatic sugar fix.


6. Give the big people some space: Have a lounge area for the adults to hang out in

QUICK TIP: You can create an inexpensive lounge by using area rugs with large and various sized throw pillows.  Ikea is the perfect price friendly spot to find both.  You can search by color as well which is perfect when you are going for a specific theme.


7. For parties with infants: Make a "baby" area with supervision. We did this at Brooks' 1st birthday so the parents can really enjoy themselves, worry free!

QUICK TIP:  Check out this colorful playmat by skip hop. It would be perfect for your baby zone.

8. Safety first: If you have a swimming pool - make sure to use a fence or something so parents aren't worrying about kids falling in!

QUICK TIP: If fencing isn’t possible, look into hiring a certified lifeguard for your event.

9. Favors - Do something cute for the kids, and perhaps even have some yummy takeaway treats or even a special tequila for the adults.

QUICK TIP: Century Novelty is a well priced option for sourcing party favors. Also, check out these chic chevron striped favor bags.


I told you she’s all kinds of amazing.  Stefanie, thanks for being such an event planning superstar.  I don’t know what I would do without you and Yifat.  I still look back at my wedding pics in awe of what you guys put together.  You are some serious magic makers.