2 (Easy) Braided Hairstyles You Can Do at Home!!

As you may already know, I love a braided hairstyle! They’re surprisingly versatile, look instantly glamorous and work well with all hair types. I love braids so much, I’ll even rock ‘em on the red carpet. Below are a few of my favorite looks over the years.

But while I am certainly a braid devotee, I also recognize that they can be a little intimidating to replicate. Which is why I sat down with hair stylist extraordinaire, Sarah Potempa, to learn her tips and tricks to the art of braiding…

I first met Sarah during a shoot a few months back. Not only has this woman got some serious styling talent, she also has an awesome line of products. My favorite is the Sarah Potempa beach waver. I love my beach waves so much that I even created a little video on them a few months back and this machine makes the look even easier to achieve.

But enough about beach waves…We’re here to talk about braids, people! Below are two styles that I absolutely love—the 2 strand braid and the fishtail braid crown. They look ridiculously fancy but they’re surprisingly easy. Follow the steps below and let me know how they come out!!

How To Do a Two Strand Braid

  1. Start with a 1-inch section of hair separate it into two pieces
  2. Take the front section and crisscross it underneath the back section
  3. Add hair to the front section as you go down
  4. Take two bobby pins and crisscross them and repeat the same braid on the other side.
  5. Leave the rest of your hair down or pull back into a low bun for a chic look!

How To Do a Fishtail Braid Crown

  1. Bring all the hair to one side
  2. Part hair into two
  3. Pull a skinny strand from the outside of the left section
  4. Cross the strand over to the inside of the right section
  5. Pull a skinny strand from the outside of the right section
  6. Cross the strand over to the inside of the left section
  7. Repeat this crisscross pattern, pulling strands from opposite sides
  8. Tie the braid
  9. Pull pieces outward to create a fuller braid
  10. Wrap the braid around the top of your head and pin in place