Earth Day… The Future Guardians

For the first of my Earth Day posts I had the help of two special guest bloggers.  I turned to our youth, who are the future guardians of our planet.  To be honest, it was Spring break and we had some extra children running around Team Sims so I put them to work, err I mean “play”.  I don’t want to get in trouble with the labor board!  Kidding aside, I absolutely believe that it is our duty to teach and share with our kids the importance of taking care of our earth.  We can do that by setting a good “green” example in our daily lives but now more than ever it is time to take action to help our planet.  Here is how my household is celebrating Earth Day.

Create an Earth Day Herb garden.  We painted. We planted.  We talked about the earth.

This is a fun project to do anytime of the year.  Our future guardians pictured here are very savvy about not littering and the importance of recycling.  They are also very talented with a paintbrush. (notice the reuse of our Easter tablecloth)

Quick Tip 1: Wipe your pots with a sponge then let air dry before painting.  The paint will adhere better.

Our gorgeous pots drying in the sun

Quick Tip 2:  Add a small layer of aggregate to the bottom of your pot for better drainage.  In this case we used pea gravel.  

The final product turned out gorgeous.  We got fancy and bought purple sage, variegated thyme and orange mint (can’t wait to make a flavored water with that!) but what is really great and ultimately incredibly convenient, is to get herbs you like to use on the regular.  How nice would is it to be able to snip a couple sprigs when you need it off your own personal herb garden?