How To Make Your Own Jewelry Dish

Don't know what to do with old trays laying around the house? Give them a makeover with this super simple DIY:



  • Small, cute white bowls or trays
  • 1 jar of Mod Podge (Satin Finish)
  • Small foam brush
  • Various design tissue paper of your choice (prints, colors)
  • Metallic paint marker in gold (optional)


STEP 1: Choose several colors of tissue paper that compliment. I used coral, gold 
and a white with gold polka dots. Tear into small pieces and arrange on dish.


STEP 2: Working piece by piece and using the foam brush, lightly coat the dish with Mod Podge and position the tissue paper smoothing out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Brush a light coat again on top. Continue until all the tissue paper is attached.


STEP 3: Finish by covering the entire inside of dish with a thin final coat of Mod 

STEP 4: For a more polished look, carefully trace the edges of each dish with the metallic paint marker.


These trays make a great way to organize or display jewelry and trinkets---plus make cute original gifts!