D.I.Y. Holiday Snow Globes

I love to decorate for the holidays. But even better, I love to create personal decorations to use around my home--they're fun, easy to make, and feel a little more special than store-bought items.

I'm excited to have my friend and DIY expert, Nicola Vruwink with me today on my YouTube channel. She's the founder of Poni--which is responsible for all the creative DIYs and decorations for all my parties! (Remember the life-size Legos from Brooks' 4th Birthday? Yep, that was her!)

Click the video below to get step-by-step instructions for these adorable and festive snow globes:


  • Mason jars
  • Cute figurines, Christmas trees, or even Legos
  • Hot glue or super glue
  • White oven baked clay
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin


STEP 1: Create snow mounds on the lids for the jars with white oven bake clay and glitter and then bake to harden

STEP 2: Decorate the lid with your trees and cute figurines to create holiday scenes

STEP 3: Once the lids are cool, attach your miniature holiday scenes to the snow mounds with either hot glue or super glue

STEP 4: Fill the jar with water and as much glitter as you like for snow

STEP 5: Add a bit of glycerin, which helps the snow fall slowly

STEP 6: Securely screw the lids with your holiday scenes onto the jars

...and voila! Your own holiday snow globes. And, of course we had to make one with our favorite guy, Batman!

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

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