DIY Fun Fiesta Piñata

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Even though this holiday commemorates Mexican Independence Day, it also has a rich history of being a day full of food, festivities—and tequila, of course.

With that said, we’ve decided to add a little fun to our fiesta by making a DIY piñata. Brooks’ cannot wait to take a crack at it tonight!

Grab a margarita and follow this step-by-step to create one of your own:


  • Cardboard (we used boxes we found around the house)
  • Various colors of tissue paper or construction paper
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Rope/yarn
  • Candy to fill

STEP 1: On a piece of cardboard, trace your shape with marker. Repeat until you have two equal shapes.


STEP 2: Lay one side flat. Glue extra cardboard pieces to all sides to create depth. Once finished, secure other piece on top to create the dimensional shape.


STEP 3: This is the fun part! Cut a decent sized hole in the bottom to stuff the candy in. Make sure it’s big enough that it will be able to easily fly out when hit.


STEP 4: Time to decorate! We decided to use more traditional colors but any will work. Cut strips of construction paper to layer and glue on. Once completed, cut the edges to create a fringe look.


STEP 5: Add a googly eye, glue on a tissue paper tail, and you’re ready for a fiesta! To hang, tie yarn or rope around middle of piñata.