DIY Flower Arrangements: My Flower Mart Adventure

I LOVE flowers!!!

They are one of favorite “go to” gifts to give as a 'thank you' or for friends’ birthdays. I mean who doesn’t love getting flowers?

I love always having arrangements in my home.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a few stems of something or another in a vase can completely change the look of a room.  They are their own layer of décor.

From casual to elegant, I can unequivocally say I love the entire gamete of flower arrangements. What I don’t like so much about flower arrangements is how costly they can be.  Don’t get me wrong, there is incredible artistry involved in flower arrangements, and it is worth the price tag, but the DIY bargain hunter in me knows sometimes a girl has got to do things for herself!


When it came to Brooks’ 2nd birthday party, my focus was Brooks and all the kids. Scott and I both wanted lots of activities for them to enjoy.  So much so, I wanted to make sure I was being budget conscious in other areas of the festivities such as the floral arrangements. 

Here in Los Angeles, we have access to an incredible wholesale flower mart.  Typically access is reserved for florists and people in the trade, but there are select hours where the general public can shop as well.  If you are visiting Los Angeles and love flowers, this would definitely be a vibrant floral experience you don’t want to miss.  Just make sure you check the schedule on their website to make sure you go during the general public hours.

Flowers are brought into this location from around the world.  You can’t even imagine the variety of flowers and plants that are there.  Unique and chic to wild and almost unbelievable.  Where in the world were the roses below grown?!?


If you don’t live in Los Angeles, I would look online to see where the closest flower mart is to you and if that is not an option, google your heart out, as many wholesalers sell online to the public at reduced rates.  I’m even a fan of going to a grocery store and buying a couple bunches of a single type of flower (like sunflowers, Gerber daisies, Dahlias) and making multiple arrangements.


Here are a few other cost saving tips and tricks to consider…

Make smaller arrangements

This is not the tournament of Roses parade.  There is no need to create the Statue of Liberty in flowers.  Making smaller arrangements can be just as impactful in your home or for any event.  Group more than one arrangement together on the same table or area to make a stronger statement.  See the picture below from one of my best girlfriend, Emese’s baby shower.  See how we used one larger centerpiece surrounded by lots of smaller arrangements.  Looked stunning without having to have a ton of large arrangements.

Don’t overcomplicate your arrangement  

Being too fussy with your flowers can translate into spending too much money.  Chic can absolutely be simple especially in flower land.  Choose one to two flower types mixed in with some greenery and foliage.  Adding greenery or foliage is also another way to stretch your flower budget.  A single flower in a vase can be completely striking.

Think outside the box

Open your mind to the possibilities!!  Wander the aisles of the 99cent store.  Check the clearance end cap at your local grocery.  Look around your home for potential “vase” options.  From mason jars, drinking glasses, a water pitcher, there are tons of options to consider.

Everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy.

Vases of various sizes and shapes add character and interest.

For Brooks’ birthday party, we used candles as our vases. (Yes, I said candles… call me crazy!!) We wrapped twine around the candles to give them a rustic, yet very finished and pretty look.  It was inexpensive, incredibly simple to execute and looked gorgeous.  If you want to try this one at home, I suggest placing a tiny drop of hot glue at the starting and ending point of your twine (and a few spots in between) to keep it pressed flush against the glass and from coming undone.


It is always good to keep a stash of vases around for everyday as well was entertaining.  Wanna build your vase and floral supply collection?  Here are some cutie vases and arranging supplies I found that won’t set you back a fortune and can be used for all types of occasions.

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