Dirty Lemon Charcoal Detox

I love a good detox—especially after a day of eating (like yesterday!) During the holiday, I don’t make myself feel too guilty about enjoying the foods I love. Life is way too short not to have some traditional holiday food! But I will admit, the day after the holiday I make it my goal to not settle into any bad habits. Eating rich food makes me feel sluggish so I like to detox shortly after.

Now when I say detox I don’t necessarily mean, “stop everything you’re doing” type of detox. There’s different ways to rid your body of toxins literally on the go without any down time. I’ve talked about my easy soup detox that I do when my body feels like it needs a kick start. Recently, I’ve found another one. Two words: activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is good for a variety of reasons starting with the fact that it’s one of the oldest detoxifying methods. It’s basically an ingredient that counteracts poison in the body. It flushes it out faster and absorbs the toxins--especially when taken after a junk food binge. Instead of a standard “detox” it can be taken more like a supplement—daily.


While some people prefer to take the supplement in powder form, I prefer to drink it. Dirty Lemon is an all-natural charcoal daily detox, is by far my favorite. It’s mix of lemon, dandelion root, and ginger, de-bloat and keep me on the right track. Oh, did I mention it’s also is a major hangover cure? Charcoal can be the natural way to cure a headache rather than popping an asprin. In general, it’s a great ingredient to add to your wellness routine. Not just when you’ve been eating junk or sipping one too many cocktails.

Daily detox for the win, guys. I’m serious—try it! BUT FYI: Don’t take within a couple hours of taking any other medication. When I say it absorbs everything, I mean it.

For more information on charcoal detoxing, check out Dirty Lemon’s site.


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