Dining Out: Dos and Don’ts

Who doesn’t love dining out? People cooking for you and there are NO dishes or clean up afterwards? Talk about #SupermommaBliss!

I will be perfectly honest and admit that I actually used to dread going out to dinner when I was on a diet, which I seemed to always be on during my modeling days. Gone are those days of yo-yo dieting!! Not only do I consider "diet" to be a bad word, but dining out is something I quite enjoy.  I’m sure my fellow restaurant patrons don’t always appreciate my toddler dining companion, but that is a story for another day.

The word diet in itself is ridiculous and I swear makes you more hungry the moment you say you are on one. I prefer the phrase healthy lifestyle eating, thank you very much. In my healthy lifestyle, I enjoy dining out from time to time.

Below are my savvy tips for dining out taken directly from my book, The Everyday Supermodel.


Breadbasket Be Gone

Tortilla chips-Adios! NO bread. NO chips. NO way. Period.

You Book the Rezzie

Be in charge and pick healthy dining destinations.  If you aren’t in the driver’s seat, scout the menu first online and select what’s on you eating plan and stick to it.

Order First

That way, your three-cheese-quesadilla-ordering friend won’t tempt a change in your healthy selection.

Get Friendly

Always share a dessert (*employ the three-bite rule) or…forgo dessert and opt for tea.

No Nos

Avoid words like cream, fried, pan-fried, and even sautéed and look for words like steamed, grilled or baked instead.

Forget Traditional Mains

Order main courses from the a la carte menu or appetizer menu.  The portions are almost always smaller.

Buffet Strategy

If at a buffet, serve yourself up on a smaller plate and put the healthier foods on your plate first.  Studies show you eat more if your plate is larger, and that we tend to eat more of the first three foods we select onto our plates.  So pick healthy ones.

Be High Maintenance

Ask your server if the chef can steam instead of cream the spinach.  Ask to substitute the bacon in your Cobb salad with sunflower seeds.  The lean lesson:  It never hurts to ask.


The 3-bite Rule

If you really want something and you have to have it, just take three bites!  Savor, enjoy and chew slowly… because that is all you are getting!!   Teasing aside, this is a great trick to employ because you get a taste of what you are craving without over doing it.

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