Day-To-Night White Dresses For Summer

Happy Memorial Day! For me, this day always marks the beginning of the summer season. The weather gets sunnier, the parties become frequent, and I start pulling out all my summer whites. Now don’t get me wrong—I wear white all year long. I’ve never applied the “don’t wear white after labor day” rule to my wardrobe. But there’s something about long summer days that make a crisp, white dress seem almost essential.

I love a good white dress for a variety of reasons but mainly it’s just…easy. It’s my go-to summer staple for just about any occasion. I’ll normally throw one on while heading to the beach but can also stop by a backyard BBQ later that night. I just apply a red lip  and I’m good to go! It’s versatile yet always classic—just like it’s Little Black Dress (LBD) counterpart!

I tend to wear my favorites season after season but this year I decided to add a couple more to the collection (like this Natalie Martin dress I’m wearing, for example!)

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