Day to Night Beauty Tips for Red Heads!

I'm OB-sessed with my new red hair and love, love, loving every minute of my new look!

But of course I needed to call my most trusted make up guru, the fabulous Joey Maaloufto show me how to really work it. Going from blonde to red has opened up a whole new color palette for me. Goodbye pink cheek stains and HELLO taupe, beige, and bronze everything! Joey did an AH-mazing job dreaming up three perfect looks that left me feeling flawless from day to night. Of course my favorite was my new everyday, there's nothing better than a natural sun kissed glow. Having an absolute go-to in my opinion is the most essential, so we did that first. 

Everyday Look

1. Apply a light hydrating cream to your face. I love Avenue Hydrance. Not too much to avoid looking oily, but just enough so it sets in. Moisturizing is super important for the make up to look even and fix dry spots.

2. Use Mac Face and Body in C6, a water based and sheer foundation which doubles as a tinted moisturizer. You can also layer it for more coverage.


  • Wet the beauty blender to make color look less saturated. It's really good if the color is very pigmented.
  • Girls, don't forget if it's going to be a long day, use a primer!
  • Definitely don't forget to put foundation on your neck! If you're going a few shades darker, you want to make sure your neck and face are the same color. Blend, baby blend!

3. Conceal under your eyes and wherever you see fit. Makeup Forever makes a really amazing waterproof concealer.

4. Powder a touch of nude rose blush.

5. Dab Bobbi Brown lip and cheek stain in Chocolate Souffle on cheeks and nose and then blend in the shape of a ski mask.

6. Dust skin with healthy glow sheer color by Chanel as if it's a bronzer. The bigger the brush the better for more even coverage.

7. Brush brows with Benefit eye and brow. Brush and powder more than pencil so you can dust the hairs and enhance the natural color of your brows.

8. Contour the sides of your cheeks with NARS laguna.

9. Brush #11 by Tom Ford with Laura Mercier eyeshadow in sun glow on lid up to your brow bone.

10. Curl those lashes. Then apply Hourglass mascara in Film Noir. I like to hold the brush vertically and almost windshield wipe my bottom lashes.

11. Use either rosey or beige tints on your lips. Hourglass Grace lipstick Femme Rouge is the best for more of a rouge lip.

12. Ladies, when I want to add a little pop to my everyday look I use a light pink lip stain. My fave lip stains are Hourglass sheer lip stain in Petal and Stila lip stain in Passion Fruit.


  • Don't forget your Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettes; they're always great to have on hand. They can take makeup off if you mess up, but you don’t need to then rinse with water. They're also great for a baby!

Crimson Lips

1. Line your lips with NARS longer eyeliner in cream. This gives you an outline for where you're supposed to place the color without needing to use a red lip liner, so it's great for a daytime or nighttime look. Blend the cream with your fingertip inward towards the center of lips to create a poutier look for the red lip.This is a great prep for dark and red lips.

2. Apply the red in the center of your lips without covering outer edges of lips. Blend the outside of lips with brush into lipline. This gives your lips an ombre effect, to make your lips look the most saturated in the middle.

Fire and Ice

1. Use Butter London wink pencil in Earl Greyoutside corner dragging through crease of the eye into inner corner. Then also use on inside lash line.

2. Powder TooFaced eyeshadow in “white lie” and “in a flash” on eyelid. Mix them together and lightly dust it over the eyeliner, then on empty space and center of lid, inside corner and under eye.