Motherhood + Darling Magazine

I am so excited to announce that I have been featured in the newest issue of Darling Magazine! Not only does this magazine curate some seriously amazing content but also the photography is next to none. Oh, and should I mention that none of the photos are retouched? This magazine is all about the art of being a woman in all its glory.

This issue’s theme was all about mystery and encouraging women to seek the unknown--even those deep places of their own heart and soul--and remind them that they are so much more than what is on the surface.

When Darling Magazine reached out to me to write about motherhood, I knew this was a great opportunity to tell my personal story that other’s might relate to.

Here’s a little peek of my piece about transitioning into motherhood and how it has shaped me into the woman I am today:

I’ll be completely honest. I was never the one to be in a rush to get married, settle down, and have kids. I enjoyed my freedom and independence; there never seemed to be that overwhelming desire to procreate. I’d always hear about this “biological clock” and it seemed to be ticking loudly for most other women. I wasn’t quite so sure I was on the same path. Until one day, it finally dawned on me: am I running out of time? I remember it like it was yesterday. My biological/matrimonial clock was suddenly ticking so audibly I thought my head might explode. I was alone and not getting any younger, and it was terrifying.

Up until that point, my goals had always been extremely career-oriented. I had been a successful model for a dozen plus years, I just finished wrapping a five-year run on a television series, and there were definitely more professional opportunities on the plate. My life was me-focused, which wasn’t at all wrong, but it meant that in choices and decisions I didn’t need to ask anyone else before I made them. Even with all my successes, something seemed missing. I just couldn’t shake it. I had spent so much time focusing on my career that I had neglected my personal goals. Until that moment, I had been in a dead-end relationship and I was settling for less, and I knew I had to get it together

For more of my story (and other great content!), make sure to check out the fall issue of Darling Magazine.