Cupid’s Bow & Arrow

So, I might have gone a little too far. Like any little boy, Brooksie is OB-sessed with the idea of a bow and arrow. So, why not add a little love to it and make him his own? The ending project resulted in my own little Cupid! I know, I know. Give it a couple more years and this little one will NOT be cooperating in his momma’s antics—but for right now, he’s game!


For the construction of the bow & arrow, I didn’t actually pick up wood working overnight. I bought online and decorated. The only part that can be easily constructed is the arrows themselves, which we made into hearts—like the real Cupid!




  1. Carefully remove the children’s bow and arrow and remove any 
decorations that you do not like. I used an Exacto knife.
  2. Remove strap and string from quiver.
  3. Cover both bow and quiver with the Red Fusion Spray paint, multiple 
coats to achieve nice surface allowing to dry between coats.
  4. Cut dowels into 12-14 inch lengths and spray with the Pink Fusion Spray 
  5. Cut small slit into one end of dowel.
  6. Glue Glitter Hearts back to back and insert into the slit at end of dowel.
  7. Attach a foam heart to be the arrow other end of each dowel.
  8. Once bow is dry, decorate with any stickers you like and add cute cording 
for the string.
  9. For the quiver, also decorate as desired, I added the Glitter Transfer sheets by spraying with adhesive spray to attach at the top and bottom and then hot glued on the Glitter hearts and polka dots.
  10. Attach a ribbon to be the strap on quiver.
  11. Find your perfect Cupid to send out his arrows of love!