Trend Alert: Crossbody Bag

Trend Alert: Crossbody Bag

Look Ma, no hands!!

I’m a bit OB-sessed with the cross body bag trend right now. I’m not going to lie, as a Mom to a toddler the “hands-free” element of this particular style of handbag is a serious bonus for me. I have to have my hands available for important things such a lugging a diaper bag!

Half-joking aside, I really love this look.  There are so many different styles and sizes of crossbody bags.  From chic and sleek to bohemian and casual, I like them all for different reasons.  They can be completely utilitarian and along the lines of a larger bucket bag to incredibly luxe and small, where you would be lucky to fit in a lipstick and credit card.

Speaking of carrying your necessities, I love a crossbody bag especially in these types of situations.  What woman doesn’t appreciate this style of a purse for a night out? Nobody wants to carry around a giant carpetbag sized purse to dinner that takes up a chair.  This could easily be your go-to style for holiday party season.

Are you someone who thinks they can’t pull off a crossbody bag?  I have a couple tips and tricks (my favorite) for you. If you are someone with larger hips, do not wear the straps too long so the purse bangs around at your hip area when you walk. This will only accentuate things.  The solution is to wear the purse slightly in front of or behind you.  Not at your side, as it will add additional bulk.  If you are large chested person, then you need to wear your crossbody slightly in front of you, this way the strap doesn’t go lost in your cleavage and with the purse slightly out in front; it will gracefully cross in front of your body.

As a shopper who really likes to dig in, I absolutely employ the use of a crossbody bag so I can properly get my retail therapy on.  My hands need to be free to browse the racks! From couture to laid back, I truly appreciate this practical yet pretty fashion trend.

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