Creative Song Time



One of Brooks' favorite past times is listening to me sing. I don't get it. I am definitely not Mariah Carrey or even Katy Perry. But nevertheless my boy really likes to hear me sing.


While he is okay hearing the same child friendly songs over and over and over and over and over (did I mention over) again I get a little bored with the repetition. To save myself from going mad trying to act surprised yet again when the monkey chased the weasel I have taken to making up songs about Brooks, Duke and anyone or thing else that's in my direct line of vision.


I've sung about butter, rugs and trains. I've even done a bit of freestyle rapping about the vacuum. It's been quite the concert in my house. But what I noticed in trying to appease my boredom was that Brooks really found the humor and joy in my free styling improv.


When I sing about how our dining room table is going to go to the zoo he instantly sees the humor in it and laughs. I think I might be on to something….



Molly SimsComment