Cooking With Chef Brooksie

My little Brooksie is a ball of energy, to say the least. Like any three-year-old, he likes to entertain himself by using his imagination. When he’s not playing legos and running around acting like Batman, he’s cooking. I know—how lucky am I? Okay, but all jokes aside—cooking with your kids is a great way to channel their creativity.

Since Brooks loves it so much, we obviously had to get him a chef’s outfit. We got Brooksie’s at a fun store in Santa Monica called The Acorn Store. If you don’t live in the area or choose to shop more online, here are some more options:

Melissa & Doug Chef Costume // Kids 3-Piece Chef Set // Sleepyheads Personalized Chef’s Outfit // Pottery Barn Kids Chef Dress-Up Set


Since most cooking tools are too large for your little budding chefs, grab some mini tools for their culinary endeavors. They’re easier to manage and easier to clean. It also helps them effectively work on their motor skills! The website, Curious Chef, has been a great find for us! They have a great selection of mini tools and gift sets, too!


The key to cooking with your kids is to make it simple enough for them to do most of it on their own—minus the putting the food in the oven, of course. We like to make and decorate our own pizzas at our house! We’ve also become OB-sessed with the monthly kid-friendly baking kits from Food Stirs. The boxes come with everything you need to make your recipe with easy step-by-step instructions for your kids to follow. They’ve totally saved me during a “boring” rainy day!


YUM … now it’s clean up time!

#SUPERMOMMAS! Comment below to share some of your recipes you love to make with your kids. I’d love to try some out!

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