How To Contour With Joey Maalouf

photo credit: Allen Daniel Photography

I am so, so, so excited to have my makeup artist, Joey Maalouf on my YouTube channel today! He's recently come out with his own line of contour kits called ISH (I'm Smoking Hot). Now, we're not talking about the famous Kardashian contour technique here. We're talking a natural and easy look you can do anytime, anywhere.

Watch Joey's tutorial here: 

Now for a recap: 

STEP 1: Dip an angled brush into the contour color. Dust off any excess. Take the highest point of the brush and go in a back and forth motion. Make sure to get in the hairline so there's no gap between. But if you're blonde, be careful so it's not too drastic.

STEP 2: Take the same contour color and brush down from ear shading to the jawline. To make the contour look more natural to the eye, blend in on forehead and temples.

photo credit: Allen Daniel Photography 

STEP 3: With another brush, dip into bronzer color and blend wherever the sun naturally hits your face. Or blend in over where the contour color is. For a more sunkissed look, blend into neck.

STEP 4: Now, time for blush. For easier and more natural look, place the brush right on the apple of your cheek and blend.

STEP 5: Take a similar sized brush (Ish has a great double ended blush + highlighter brush!) and dip into the highlighter. Make sure it's not TOO shimmery so you can build on it. Blend on top of blush, under eyes, nose, and brow bone.

JOEY'S TIP: All of these colors can be used on your eyelids, too. It's really an all-in-one! To make your look pop, rub some balm (like Magic Balm from Honest Beauty) on your fingers and place over color.

photo credit: Ish Beauty

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