Choosing Our Christmas Tree!


molly sims brooks stuber scott stuber mr greentrees As exciting as Christmas always is, it's so, so, so different and amazing when you can see it through a child's eyes. Brooks loved picking out our pumpkin for Hallowen so much, we could hardly wait to take him to choose our tree for the holiday.

With Thanksgiving meals tucked away (and exercised off) I only have Christmas on the mind. Stay tuned for gift guides, cookie recipes, entertaining tips and more. To prep for one of the most important parts of the season ... picking out a tree ... Scott and I explained the whole process to Brooks beforehand, so he was ready to be our go-to tree guy. Almost as soon as we arrived at Mr. Greentrees, he was begging to get out of his car seat, AB-solutely so excited to get out and run around.

brooks stuber elves

Before we buckled down and really began to debate the trees, Brooks found a few friends, little elves in red and green attire decorating the store. Let me tell you, this was THE cutest thing ever. After a quick hello, and a photo of course, Brooks adjusted his crown and we began the hunt. Some trees he was less than interested in, but most met his approval, asking again and again to be picked up to see the top.

brooks stuber top of the tree

Finally, we found the perfect tree: fully filled in on each side, completely green, and smelling so, so, so delicious. I can't wait to show you the final product, all dressed up with lights, ornaments, and situated just so in our living room. Brooks will OB-viously be assisting when it comes to placing the lights and picking out which decoration go where on the tree!