Choked Up Again: The Choker is Back (And Hotter than Ever)

Based on my rekindled romance with overalls and Birkenstocks, it’s no surprise that I’m falling back in love with the choker ... after almost a decade apart.

It’s true. We had a passionate romance in the '90s. But when it left, I kind of thought it would be gone for good. And then just a few months ago, I started seeing the choker wrap its way around necks everywhere—from models in fashion magazines to the necks of my closest girlfriends.

I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to let this jewelry trend back into my life. But then my friend Ivona gave me one from her jewelry line, IM Jewel and I was hooked. Let’s be honest people. When done right, the choker is delicate, feminine and pretty darn cool.

To keep this trend current and avoid looking like a bad #ThrowbackThursday worthy of stardom in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, be sure to select chokers that are current, fashion forward and statement-making. Gold is certainly the metal of the season. From rose to yellow, I love it all. And I especially appreciate necklaces that evoke texture or offer a cool architectural element.

The trick to pulling this look off? Simplicity! Sometimes less really is more and with this look, that statement couldn’t be truer.  I keep things chic and minimal by pairing my favorite choker with a simple black slip dress, some suede booties and my signature tousled beach waves. It’s the quintessential done/undone look and surprisingly fitting for both night and day.

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