Chlorine and Pools

Chlorine and Pools



So all of this hot weather has really gotten me in the mood for a good swim. I love swimming! I even swan competitively in high school.


The only thing I don't like about swimming is the copious amounts of chlorine used to keep the pool crystal clean and algae free. It does a doozy on my hair. I always come out of the pool feeling refreshed and my hair always comes out feeling dry, brittle and I'm pretty sure I can hear it telling me it hates me.


Last week a friend suggested that I try loading my hair up with conditioner before I hit the pool. I tried it and couldn't believe that the magical hair saving cure was in my shower all along! The conditioner kept my hair coated and didn't give the chlorine a chance to attack my tresses.


It worked so well that I knew I had to share this little secret with you! So before you hit the pool lather up on some conditioner! Your hair will thank you!



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