Charitable Floral Touches from The Bouqs & Me!

molly sims bouqs 2 As someone who built my career from the ground up, I have a real appreciation for entrepreneurs who take creative ideas and turn them into their dream company. When I met founder and CEO of The Bouqs, John Tabis, I knew he was that kind of person. John, along with co-founder and COO JP Montufar, created The Bouqs with customer experience in mind, which I think is so, so, so important.

The Bouqs is all about gorgeous flowers at a super affordable price point. Their flowers are cut fresh with each order, grown on eco-friendly farms on the side of an active volcano (how cool???). The best part? There’s a flat rate of $40, with free shipping. You really can’t beat that. They also offer tons of creative options and services when it comes to ordering your “bouqs.” You can schedule orders ahead of time to make sure you never forget a birthday, anniversary  or holiday (tisk tisk), or set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries so you’re really on your A-game flower-wise.

molly sims bouqs 1

But The Bouqs wouldn’t be complete without the Chief Floral Designer, the one and only Eric Buterbaugh. This man is a flower god. Not only is he based out of The Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, but he has designed flowers for everyone from political leaders to royalty. His arrangements are AH-mazing, and it’s no wonder why he’s so respected and admired in his industry. His motto is keep things simple. “The simpler, the better,” he says. The best bouquets are “simple, but opulent. One flower, one color.”

Part of what makes his style so unique is that unlike many florists he stays on point with what’s on trend; you can always expect something different out of him. When talking about floral arrangements and what’s popular, Brian Eyth (floral designer for Eric) put it perfectly: “It’s like fashion; it changes.”

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I teamed up with The Bouqs on a very special, custom bouquet that is not only gorgeous, it also has a charitable aspect. I call it the Bundle of Joy, because for each bouquet that's purchased, The Bouqs will donate to Baby2Baby, one of the charities I support.

So what are you waiting for, ladies and gents? Get to ordering! Available for $40 with 4-5 day delivery or $50 for next day delivery.

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