New Year, New Start With The Chalkboard Mag

I am so, so, so excited to announce my January partnership with The Chalkboard Mag! I have been OB-SESSED with them since their launch so I naturally was all in when they asked me to be a contributor.

Over this next month, I’ll be sharing my tips on Chalkboard Mag. Here’s a peek of what’s to come for me this 2016.

3 Resolutions For 2016:

  1. Worry less and enjoy the present
  2. Take time to nourish all relationships in my life
  3. TRY (that’s the keyword!) to get more sleep.

The Best Choice I Made In 2015:

Becoming a mother of two. The joy that has been added into our family is better than I’ve ever imagined. I feel unbelievably blessed!

I’m Going To _____ Less:

Worry less. I’m always thinking steps ahead and I need to make it a priority to take the time to slow down and appreciate what’s all around me.

I’m Going To ______ More:

Spend more time nurturing my friendships. Even if I’m busy, I’m going to take that time to make that phone call and be present.

Easiest Health Tips To Implement Daily:

Make time for yourself. It’s so easy to make yourself the last priority especially when it comes to your health and wellness. Even if you just have ten minutes here and there, it adds up. When you take that time for yourself, it makes you a better wife, a better mom, a better friend.

My Go-To Recipes/Dishes To Stay Healthy/Habit:

I’m huge into my “Meatless Mondays.” I’m not a vegetarian but I try to eat as plant based as possible. My favorite dish to make for my family is an Eggplant Stuffed Quinoa. It’s healthy and fresh but still filling!


Exercise everyday—even if it’s only twenty minutes. Home with your kids? Strap those babies in a stroller and take a walk around the block. At work? Do lunges in your office on your lunch break. Just get moving!

Books On My Reading List:

“Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling is definitely on my book list. She’s hilarious so I can’t wait to start

Vow To Myself For 2016:

Be present and nourish every relationship in my life.

Stress-Busting Advice:

Meditation is a must for me. If possible, take time for yourself by taking a nice bath, getting a facial, or anything that makes you feel recharged. I also love using an essential oil when I can feel my stress levels skyrocketing. Lavender always does the trick!

To Get Motivated I:

Even if I feel tired or unmotivated, I try to bite the bullet and get moving. It’s never enjoyable at first but after five minutes when my endorphins kick in I’m good to go! A great playlist is also a good motivator.

On My Bucket List For The Year:

Finishing my second book. Stay tuned! (Check out my first book - The Everyday Supermodel, if you haven't yet!)

My Best Advice For You This Year Is:

Pick a lane. If you do something, give it your all!

My Mantra For This Year:

Make That Sh*t Happen!

Stay tuned and make sure to check out The Chalkboard Mag for all your wellness tips and tricks.

Molly Sims