Part of my job is to be multiple places at multiple times and since someone has yet to invent a teleportation device I am stuck with Airports, layovers and trying to get my entire life into one suitcase.




I try my best to not check anything because is there really anything worse than checking your luggage? Waiting ages for it to come around the carousel, hoping it isn't damaged and then the joy of finding the TSA screening paper in your bag sandwiched between two pairs of undies.


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I try to pack everything into a teeny, tiny carryon. My goto carryon is my loyal Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. Yes, part of its charm is in its classic style but more over it has my musts: large size, and a sleek outside that is durable enough to handle JFK to LAX without a scratch.


My second go to is my over the shoulder duffle bag with a monogram. Also durable, sturdy and chic.


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I can fit a full weekend's worth of essentials in this puppy. It's become my purse's BFF.



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